Queensland Household Energy Survey 2023


Welcome to the Queensland Household Energy Survey (QHES) 2023 – Queensland’s most comprehensive survey capturing household insights and trends in energy behaviours and attitudes.

The QHES provides annual insights into consumers’ views of the energy sector, how they are managing household electricity bills and in particular how they use electricity in the home. It also explores consumers’ sentiment towards electricity supply, reliability and cost, together with tracking trends in perceptions and attitudes towards new technologies such as solar PV, battery storage, electric vehicles, and their propensity to go off-grid.   

The QHES has been conducted annually since 2009, however due to changes in planning and a refresh of the survey content no survey was conducted in the 2021 calendar year. 

You can explore this year’s results by theme through clicking on the themed tiles below. Within most sections you can view the data by location, age group, solar PV ownership and other household characteristics. You can also select the “Trend” button to see how the overall results have changed over time.

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This year’s survey results show that households are starting to feel the impact of cost-of-living pressures, as more are now concerned about their ability to pay electricity bills than recorded in previous years. As a result, households are increasingly looking at ways to reduce consumption and change behaviour, with some even indicating a potential willingness to sacrifice reliability for reduced bills. These cost-of-living pressures have begun to impact perceptions of electricity suppliers, particularly around issues of price and value for money.

There is evidence that uptake of some new energy technologies has waned, although interest in technologies to manage consumption has remained steady. New to the insights report this year, several household profiles have been highlighted, outlining different opportunities and challenges for different households when it comes to decision making and emerging trends in the electricity market.

Key Insight: 2023 - 53% of participants are concerned about their ability to pay electricity bills
Key Insight: 2023 - 3 in 4 participants are consciously trying to reduce their electricity usage
Key Insight: 2023 - 72% of participants with solar have high interest in using as much of their solar PV generation for household needs and getting the most from their solar system

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If you would like to further explore the insights of this survey, download the Queensland Household Energy Survey 2023 Report by clicking the “Download Report” button.

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